GDCP int.


for Donna Karan and Russell James

The task

Café Palermo Advertising and our Design-Department create and manage the Art- and Fashion Exhibition: Nomad two Worlds in Berlin. On 1.500sqm incl. the Black-Tie Opening Event. Partner: Gallery Camera Work, Hardenberg Concept

Donna Karan, also known under the alias "DK", is an American fashion designer and the creator of the Donna Karan New York and DKNY clothing labels. Russell James is most famous for his work as the main photographer for Victoria's Secret, but his work has appeared in a large range of magazines.

Nomad Two Worlds began as a steeply messaged artistic collaboration project between internationally renowned Australian photographer Russell James and Australian Indigenous artists. It has since expanded into additional cultural collaborations worldwide, established the Nomad Two Worlds Foundation, and evolved into a socially responsible global business.

To raise awareness of the beauty and rich cultural history of Indigenous people worldwide, with traditional art, music, children’s health and family,

self-esteem and cultural pride at the heart of Nomad’s creative, educational and philanthropic activities.

The poetic interventions by the internationally renowned artist have been exhibited worldwide and are represented in major collections and museums. (Source FB Nomad two Worlds)

Nomad Two Worlds