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The task

Bruno Aveillan’s exhibition at the Epicentro art explores the wonders of light, memory and the power of the mind. A series of photographs taken from around the world will be on display and well as two extraordinary award winning short films.

Firstly, Bruno Aveillan is an internationally renowned French director and photographer. He has directed many award winning advertising campaigns for highly illustrious clients such as Louis Vuitton (the campaign «Where will life take you» has won more than 14 prestigious international awards including Gold Clio Award and Gold London International Award). In 2009, the Museum of Decorative Arts at the Louvre consecrated a retrospective of his work within their major exhibition devoted to advertising in cinema.

He has mastered a way of seeing that almost makes you feel as if you have been transcended into another stratosphere of the mind, where seeing is not believing but feeling. Something subliminally strange, inexplicably wondrous happens. Almost as if you have been lured into a state and space of grace.

He is a veritable “visual explorer” whose constant quest is to capture unique moments in time. His photographs are imbued with a virtual mystical quality, poetry and grace and we have the impression that they been ‘carved out of light’ by the precision of the artist’s eye.

Bruno Aveillan’s highly sophisticated filmic style has been internationally acclaimed for its cinematography, the power of its direction and its poetic intensity. Simultaneously, Bruno Aveillan has developed a personal artistic path that includes photography, experimental films and installations.