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Dr. Mariam Omar

The Task

The journey of Dr. Mariam Omar and how the Seria Cutaneous came about. “Your skin is a mirror of your life and protects your body from external influences. Therefore, you should give your skin, with the care of pure and sustainable products, a high daily value!”

Nature meets Science: The doctor brand BEAUTÉ OMAR Dr. Mariam Omar Aesthetics, Made in Germany, stands for a new generation of innovative active cosmetics with the Seria Cutaneous. It is based on the symbiosis of natural ingredients and high-quality active substances, produced in modern biotechnological processes.

Seria Cutaneous was originally developed for the skin after medical interventions. The result is a medical cosmetic as a high-quality active ingredient cosmetic line, which not only cares for the skin, but also for its rapid regeneration. All ingredients are certified and so are the creams themselves.

What is meant by active ingredient cosmetics? Ingredient cosmetics, the focus is on the active ingredients of the cosmetics. This means that the ingredients of the cosmetics are selected in such a way that they not only optimally care for the skin, but also effectively support it in its regeneration. This can be seen, for example, in a positive healing process after past injuries, problem skin such as cortisone skin, but also in anti-aging processes for radiant, smooth skin.