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Aesthetic Clinic Dr. Mariam Omar

The Task

The Aesthetic Clinic Dr Mariam Omar is one of our clients on the private medical market. We support her in terms of communication, design and brand building.
The marketing consultation for aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery with all the details of information is on one side very complex but on the other side a perfect base for an informative and entertaining online strategy.
The success is visible for e.g. in social medias: more than 10.000 interactions and views per week on facebook, many Likes for creative commercial posts, target group brandbuilding and rising image values. Our portfolio shows you a few examples of our creative work.

The private background and active life style of Dr. Mariam Omar supplies us with many features we are able to use for her image campaigns shown in commercial spots, used for underlining new medical features and is part in interviews.

Check out the social media campaign on facebook Facebook Dr. Mariam Omar

With continual editorial posts, medical features and creative campaign pictures for seasonal reasons like Halloween or Christmas time we increase the numbers of Likes and Fans.

In cooperation with her SEO agency and technical supporters the homepage is constantly growing. The blog and crosslinks create new clients who are interested in her medical service. The homepage is of course compatible with all the system requirements for mobiles and tablets.

Press and public relations activities are very important in order to be present on all public fields: private engagement for protection for animals, children, medical publications, visiting international conferences and publishing expert opinion in print and TV medias.